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لوگو درسا مهر کیش

Dorsa Mehr Kish Complex

A complex for the elites of the beautiful island of Kish

Land area: 20300 square meters Service infrastructure: 4300 square meters Outdoor area: 12,000 square meters Number of residential units: 370 units and has a hypermarket, fast food and a dedicated coffee shop. If you look at the complex from above, you will see a symbol of Iranian windmills. “Dersa Mehr seeks to give peace along with light and water”

Opening event of Dorsa Mehr Doctors Residential Complex on the beautiful island of Kish

Managing Director of the Free Zone Organization The presence
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Dorsano Department

درسا مهر کیش

Attraction and sales department

درسا مهر کیش

Maad department

درسا مهر کیش

Dorsa Mehr Kish

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7th floor , No.22 , Topchi St. , North Sohrevardi , Tehran
Kish Island, northeast side of Ghadir Square, Darsamehr town

Dorsa Engineers Group

Dorsa Mehr Group of Engineers, as an executor and investor in the construction and construction projects sector, with more than 25 years of experience, has used its efforts to open a new chapter in the construction industry.


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